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Jet-Wax provides alternative materials for SolidScape 3D printers. Our materials are wholly developed and produced in Sydney, Australia.

$US 50

Jet-Wax BUILD 200 g


Jet-Wax BUILD is a high performance build material suitable for use in all Solidscape 3D printers. It is 100% compatible with InduraCast, BlueCast, Bluecast 2 and ProtoBuild materials and is tougher than these materials. Jet-Wax BUILD is ideal for investment casting, and autoclaves leaving no ash or residue. Standard color is blue, also available in custom colors such as cyan, purple and green.

$US 40

Jet-Wax SUPPORT 140 g


Jet-Wax SUPPORT material is 100% compatible with Solidscape’s InduraFill and ProtoSupport. Jet-Wax SUPPORT exhibits the lower curl and thermal expansion properties than Solidscape's InduraFill, resulting in no delamination or cracking. Jet-Wax SUPPORT has a higher softening temperature than its predecessor, resulting in crisp cutting in warm environments without fouling of your cutter blade. Jet-Wax SUPPORT dissolves readily in warm mineral oil.

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Whilst we allow worldwide end user purchase of Jet-Wax, we encourage you to buy Jet-Wax through one of our ‘Regional Distributor’ near you.


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  • Can be used in all Solidscape 3D printers.
  • 100% compatible with existing Solidscape materials.
  • Half the price.
  • Excellent jetting performance.
  • No curl.
  • Custom colours available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jet-Wax?
Jet-Wax is a material system for building parts on Solidscape 3D printers comprising a build material (Jet-Wax BUILD) and a support material (Jet-Wax SUPPORT). Both materials are non-toxic.
Can Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT materials be used in all Solidscape 3D printers?
Yes, Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT are 100% compatible with all Solidscape 3D printers including ModelMaker 6 Pro, ModelMaker II, PatternMaster, T66 & T612 (including Benchtop models), R66, and T76.
Can I mix Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT with Solidscape build and support materials, or do I need to purge my tanks?
Jet-Wax BUILD is fully compatible with all Solidscape build materials including InduraCast, BlueCast, BlueCast2 and ProtoBuild. Jet-Wax SUPPORT is fully compatible with Solidscape InduraFill and ProtoSupport. Mixing support materials can result in a material which is softer than either material on its own. For best results we strongly recommend running your support tank low before adding Jet-Wax SUPPORT.
At what temperature should I operate my build jet when using Jet-Wax BUILD?
Jet-Wax BUILD is ideally jetted at between 120°C and 125°C. This is the same temperature as for Solidscape's InduraCast material.
At what temperature should I operate my support jet when using Jet-Wax SUPPORT?
Jet-Wax SUPPORT is ideally jetted at 110°C. This is the same temperature as for Solidscape's InduraFill material.
Can Jet-Wax BUILD parts be investment cast?
Yes, Jet-Wax BUILD is ideal for investment casting, the material autoclaves leaving no ash or residue. Its low melting point reduces the likelihood of thermal expansion cracking of the investment material.
Can Jet-Wax BUILD parts be used in RTV molds?
Can parts be glued together?
Yes. Super-glue or clear nail polish are suitable adhesives.
Can parts be cast in platinum or titanium?
Are Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT available in different colors?
Yes. Blue is standard. Other colors can be produced upon request by writing into the item notes box. Please ask us if you require a custom color to differentiate your waxes.
Can I achieve the same part quality using Jet-Wax materials?
Yes, Jet-Wax BUILD and Jet-Wax SUPPORT allow Solidscape machines to print parts to their full resolution capabilities.
I recall having quality issues with the downward-facing surfaces of models when building parts with ProtoBuild. Does Jet-Wax BUILD suffer from such problems?
Many users of the original Solidscape ProtoBuild material will remember that downward facing surfaces would sometimes be rough and chipped. This was caused by poor adhesion between ProtoBuild and the support material. This could be improved sometimes by tilting the part at 10 degrees, but it was not a satisfactory solution. Jet-Wax BUILD has been extensively tested and we are pleased to say that Jet-Wax BUILD does not suffer from this issue. In fact, Jet-Wax BUILD has excellent anti-curl properties and excellent adhesion to support materials. Large flat areas can be printed without fear of rough downward-facing surfaces.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept PayPal for secure on-line transactions.